Fiuggi is a small historic town 650 meters above sea level that has been renowned for over eight centuries for the therapeutic properties of its waters, particularly suited for kidney stones. ( It is a spa and can therefore rely on first class spa-town facilities (the very same main hotel where the event is held, the Centro Congressi Ambasciatori, features a very modern spa, provoding a wide variety of treatments). Fiuggi is also a short distance from several very interesting historic and archaeological sites, including a number of fascinating monasteries, such as Casamari Abbey, Certosa di Trisulti – with its library lined with incunabula and medieval documents as well as a very ancient pharmacy – Fossanova Abbey and the worldwide renowned Montecassino Abbey. Anagni, once Papal seat in the Middle Ages and now boasting one of the most important medieval churches in central Italy, is also very close to Fiuggi and a visit will let you enjoy its intact medieval town centre; the same goes for Alatri, with its megalithic walls dating back to VII B.C. As we have been doing for years, our programme will include the possibility of organizing guided tours to the most interesting historical sites in the area, with guides in English. And of course Fiuggi is less than 90 minutes from the centre of Rome. Termini Station – Rome central railway station – is located in the middle of the city and can be reached by taking a direct train from Fiuggi railway station, a short 10 minutes bus ride from the hotel in the centre of Fiuggi. Buses to Rome can be boarded in the centre of Fiuggi as well.

Furthermore, the short distance from Rome’s international airports will allow foreign guests to reach Fiuggi in a short time; with a modest surcharge and upon request, we will supply a shuttle service to and from the airports at certain times.

Our website will also include links for purchasing train tickets online from abroad. Moreover, we are planning to get in touch with the various foreign embassies in Rome to place on the  website all the necessary information on the procedures and documents required to enter Italy from countries outside the Schengen area, as well as advice on changing currency.

To conclude, and in consideration of the fact that we can rely on the long established support of private sponsors as well as of the Province of Frosinone and the Lazio Region (the local authorities), we truly believe that Fiuggi can be considered an ideal place to hold a Eurocon.