T-Shirts (and much more)!

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Welcome to Eurocon 2021 e-shop, where you can buy the official convention T-Shirts!

T-shirts can be ordered only by those who have booked a package or paid the admission fee. Click on the image of the preferred shirt (or shirts!) and send us an email with number and size. Collection and payment (in cash) directly in Fiuggi! The price of the T-shirt is 14.99 €.

Orders must be placed no later than June 30, 2021.

For more Eurocon 2021 gadgets, please visit this site for direct purchaseFor any information, email us at: shop.eurocon@fantascientificast.it.

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TYPE 00C (woman)

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TYPE 00F (woman)

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TYPE 00H (woman)

TYPE 00I (man)