Marco Casolino

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Marco Casolino is Researcher in RIKEN, Japan, Senior researcher in INFN, teaches the course of “Space instruments” at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He was involved in several astrophysics and radiation experiments carried on stratospheric balloons and in space, on satellites, on the Russian Mir and the International Space Station (ISS). Main experiments are PAMELA, Sileye-1,2,3, NINA.

He was principal investigator of the ESA Altcriss project on the ISS and of various technology transfer projects such as the LANFOS program to employ space-borne detector techniques in systems to assess the radiation amount of food in the Fukushima area. Currently he is principal investigator of the Mini- EUSO detector on board the ISS.

He is author of outreach books, How to survive radioactivity dealing on natural and artificial radiation after Fukushima accident, and on Mayan astronomy and mathematics.

He is also an author on a novel on Japan, Grikon. You can find him on his YouTube channel, on his blog and on the science blog