Licia Troisi

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Licia Troisi was born in Rome in 1980. She is one of the most famous Italian fantasy writers. Her books have been translated in many languages across and beyond Europe. Among her most successful works, there are the Overworld Saga, counting ten books, Nashira’s Reigns and The Dominion Saga. She has also written books for younger people, as The Dragon Girl, the Pandora Series and three books for children, The Zoe&Lu Impossible Cases, illustrated by cartoonist Ilaria Palleschi.

She also has a scientific background: she has a PhD in astronomy, and she worked ten years as astronomer, collaborating with the Astronomical Observatory of Rome, University Tor Vergata of Rome and Italian Space Agency. She worked on Gaia satellite and studied stellar evolution. She wrote two outreach books, Where the Sky Ends Up and The Cosmo’s Brash Beauty. She hosts a culture talk show broadcasted by the Italian public television. She is kind of a nerd: she likes comic books, especially manga, anime and TV shows. She is in some ways a Star Wars addicted.

In her – scarce – free time, she likes to cook cakes and sweets, in particular macarons. Sometimes you can find her cosplaying incognito in conventions and comic books fairs.


Chronicles of The Emerged World.

  • Nihal from the Land od the Wind (2004)
  • Sennar Mission (2004)
  • The Talisman of Power (2005)

Emerged World Wars.

  • The Murderers’ Guild (2006)
  • The Two Warriors (2007)
  • A New Kingdom (2007)

The Legends of The Emerged World.

  • The Destiny if Adhara (2008)
  • The Daughter of Blood (2009)
  • The last Heroes (2010)

The Kingdoms of Nashira.

  • Telitha’s Dream (2011)
  • The rebel’s swords (2012)
  • The sacrifice (2013)

Creatures of the Emerged World (2008)

The Dragon Girl

  • Thuban’s Heritage (2008)
  • Idhunn’s Tree (2009)
  • Aldibah’s Hourglass (2010)
  • Kuma’s Twins (2011)
  • The final battle (2012)

The Damneds from Malva (2008)