Fumetti solidali contro il randagismo

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Arthur Schopenhauer wrote: «Anyone who has never owned a dog can’t know what loving and being loved mean». Beyond phylosophy, however, anyone who has played just for a few minutes with a dog knows very well how much love these incredible animals are able to give. And, probably, anyone also knows how cruel mankind can be. Stray dogs are an excruciating problem and it is only thanks to wonderful people, with rare sensitivity and dedication, that it is slightly alleviated. Angela and Marianna are two volunteers from Campania – a wonderful italian region -, to be precise from Fontanarosa (Avellino), and, only in the last 15 months, they have saved and adopted hundreds of strays. They did it all by themselves, investing time and money that they didn’t even have, but, despite their immense efforts, the situation can never be totally stemmed and, now more than ever, they need our support to continue dedicating themselves to dogs (and sometimes cats)!

Many talented comic artists (in alphabetical order: Carola Borelli, Elisabetta D’Amico, Daniele De Sando, Annalisa Leoni, Aria and Luce Masala, Francesco Ozzimo, Emiliana Pinna, Federico Peteliko Pugliese, Rodolfo Razzi and Maria Valentini) have agreed to participate in a charity fundraiser to support these two exceptional volunteers in managing the too many emergencies they face on a daily basis. The plan is to give prints in exchange for donations. We really, really, have something for everyone: a corgi howling at the moon, superheroes and superheroines, The Chess Queen, Star Trek, dreamlike and idyllic characters, and so much more!

Every little action can be revolutionary. In our case, a small gesture can make the difference between life and death, between illness and recovery, between the road and a safe place near the fireplace. “Whoever saves a life”, even the one of a dog or a cat, “saves the whole world” because, as superheroes teach us, it is by learning compassion and professing empathy that we can create a better world!

If you want to book your print(s), just click on the preview and make your request via e-mail: you will receive – always via e-mail – a confirmation email with the payment method. Your print will be delivered to you at Eurocon. Price: 30 €, (format: A3, white 300 g paper)

bookings will be accepted until July 8!

Carola Borelli, Black Lady

Carola Borelli, Mimi

Carola Borelli, Tonks

Elisabetta D’Amico, Black Cat

Elisabetta D’Amico,
La Regina degli Scacchi

Elisabetta D’Amico,
Star Trek: Discovery – Burnham

Elisabetta D’Amico,
Star Trek: Discovery – Saru

Daniele De Sando, Corgiluna

Annalisa Leoni, Ermione

Aria e Luce Masala, Abbraccio

Francesco Ozzimo, Superman

Federico Peteliko Pugliese, Nature

STUDIO BURTON ARTWORK (Rodolfo Razzi), Batman

STUDIO BURTON ARTWORK (Rodolfo Razzi), Scooby-Doo

Maria Valentini, Narkisoss

Maria Valentini, Oracle

Maria Valentini, Squat